Learn About Schwinn Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are the result of crossing a mountain bike with a regular bike. Compared to regular bikes that you see on the road, these bikes are usually lightweight, quicker and more agile. Hybrids are typically made of aluminum frames, has a wide range of gears and suspensions that take battering terrains and occasional potholes that all support the specifications of both the rider and bike.

An ideal hybrid bike is truly hard to find these days. However, if you have the benefit of selecting a branded hybrid, it is best to choose Schwinn hybrid bikes.

Schwinn hybrid bikes have specific models for both male and female riders. They provide comfort and features that lets you ride in style whether you’re just strolling around your village, going to school, or going to the office.

One of the women’s models of Schwinn hybrid bikes have alternative options such as steel-cage platform pedals, alloy front QR hubs, alloy rims with 24-hole grouped spokes and ground sidewalls. It is consist of a front and rear Promax alloy linear pull breaks and 21-speed Shimano components. These are specific qualities and standards of typical Schwinn hybrid bikes and it has many other features that make these bikes one-of-a-kind. The best thing about these hybrids for the ladies is that you can select according to your specifications without busting your wallet.

As for the guys, you will find many features that can match your preferences as a rider. The design is made for a comfortable ride on the streets. It’s also consist of aluminum hybrid frame with front suspension fork, Shimano 21-speed shifters and alloy linear breaks. Like women’s hybrids, you don’t need to spend a huge amount when buying Schwinn hybrid bikes since they are reasonably priced for a quality hybrid bike.

One of Schwinn hybrid bikes’ setbacks is that most of them require assembly. You can either assemble them on your own or have someone from the store assemble it for you. These bikes are available online and offline. Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart are some of the stores that carry the Schwinn brand of hybrids. Prices may range from $199 to $350 and above, depending on the specs per model.