How to Select the Best Type of AAA Rechargeable Battery For Your Gadget

A AAA rechargeable battery is one of the most popularly-used rechargeable battery in residences as well as for other portable electronic devices. The reason is that many devices require this size of battery. However, there are two kinds of AAA rechargeable battery that can be bought today which are the nickel cadmium battery and the nickel metal hydride battery. While some people do not bother thinking about the difference between the two, each type of battery actually has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are several tips on which form of AAA rechargeable battery that you should employ for ordinary gadgets that requires batteries.

The most popular gadgets that occasionally require the use of AAA rechargeable battery are wireless electric drills, remote controlled toys, digital cameras, and MP3 players. These devices typically need around 2 AAA batteries, if not more. For these devices, the recommended kind of AAA rechargeable battery is the nickel metal hydride battery. The reason is that these devices may need a lot of power especially if it is a complicated model. They work well with the nickel metal hydride’s high energy density. Additionally, these gadgets are commonly used in a range of temperature conditions, which also suit the capacity of a nickel metal hydride battery.

Alarm clocks, wall clocks, small flashlights, wireless mouse, and handheld electric fans are ordinary house devices that also need AAA batteries. Of course, if you don’t want to keep on buying batteries every time they run out, you can always buy a couple of AAA rechargeable batteries so that you’ll always have them at your disposal. The most ideal type of AAA rechargeable batteries for these gadgets are nickel cadmium batteries. This reason is that nickel cadmium as a low self-discharge rate which works well with these gadgets since they need a continuous supply of low energy for a longer time. Furthermroe, nickel cadmiums cost less than their nickel metal hydride counterparts making it very cost-effective for these kind of devices.

Selecting the best type of AAA rechargeable battery for your gadget is simple, all you have to do is follow this formula: nickel metal hydride for power hungry devices while nickel cadmium for gadgets with little power needs and is used for a period of time.