Rechargeable Camera Batteries Facts

When choosing digital cameras, one of the concerns that you should take into account is the type of rechargeable camera batteries it requires.

There are two main types of batteries that are used by various camera models: the proprietary rechargeable camera batteries, and the off-the-shelf batteries. Every battery type has its own benefits and while it mustn’t be the deciding factor when selecting a camera model, it is still helpful to learn which one is more ideal for particular situations. Here are some information about rechargeable camera batteries that you may find helpful.

Currently, there are many camera models that are supplied with proprietary rechargeable camera batteries. These are lithium-ion batteries with a charger so that all that you ought to have to operate the device is already provided. Once the battery is drained, you can just load it in the charger and once it is finished charging, you can shoot picture again. Apart from being practical to use, proprietary lithium-ion rechargeable camera batteries have a relatively low self-discharge rate which is estimated at around 5-10% per month, compared to nickel metal hydride’s 30% per month. Thus proprietary rechargeable camera batteries have a very long shelf life, which is useful as you do not usually use your camera continuously everyday, unless you are a professional photographer.

In contrast, the other kind of battery that may be used for cameras are off-the-shelf batteries. Cameras typically require CRV3, CR2, AAA, and AA battery sizes. The main benefit of this type of battery is the choices that it can provide you. While proprietary rechargeable camera batteries are very convenient and ready to use, buying a spare one is actually very expensive, so most of the time, people do not bother buying an extra one.

Meanwhile, cameras that utilizes off-the-shelf batteries can be operated on both disposable and rechargeable camera batteries. While rechargeable camera batteries are more advisable for cameras, disposable camera batteries can be an emergency solution for times wherein your batteries are already drained but you still have to take a few more pictures. The best class of rechargeable camera battery is the nickel metal hydride which contains a high energy density that is best for the high power requirements of digital cameras. Unfortunately though, in addition to the batteries, you also have to purchase the charger for off-the-shelf rechargeable camera batteries.