What Are Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries

A lot of alkaline batteries that can be purchased today are disposable types but are you familiar with rechargeable alkaline batteries? These batteries, like the usual disposable alkaline batteries, are available in different sizes like 9-volt, AA, AAA, D, and C batteries. Rechargeable alkaline batteries have a dissimilar composition than compared to typical rechargeable batteries such as nickel cadmiums and nickel metal hydrides hence they have a different usage. Here are some important information that you should know about rechargeable alkaline batteries.

A rechargeable alkaline battery is sometimes referred to as a rechargeable alkaline manganese battery. The first thing that you ought to know about these batteries is that their initial energy is even fewer than the typical disposable alkaline batteries. Additionally, every charge cycle will further lessen their energy capacity. The reason is that rechargeable alkaline batteries are characterized by high internal impedance, so that they are not capable of allowing high currents. This very much influences the uses of this type of battery.

One more concern for rechargeable alkaline batteries is that they only have a very short life cycle. The key in lengthening the life cycle of this type of battery is through recharging it before the energy level gets too low. Discharging this battery by fewer than 25% will let you charge it once more for about a hundred cycles, by fewer than 50% it can only be recharged for several dozen cycles, while totally draining it will only allow you a few charge-discharge cycles.

Rechargeable alkaline batteries are ideal for two kinds of devices.

Low-drain gadgets like clocks, wireless mouse, remote controls, wireless some detector, and the like are very appropriate for this sort of rechargeable battery because they don’t use up too much power. Devices that are only utilized occasionally like handheld electric fans, flashlights, emergency lamps, portable radios, and so on are also fitting for this sort of battery as they are not often activated. In addition, a rechargeable alkaline battery has maintained the alkaline battery’s capacity to preserve its charge for years due to its very low self-discharge rate compared to nickel metal hydride batteries. Unfortunately, this battery is not recommended for devices that uses too much power like cameras, wireless drills, and so on.